Another fake study: billionaires secretly promote libertarianism

America’s government-supporting colleges and universities spew a steady stream of pro-government academic “research.”

Recent revelations show that it is ridiculously easy to get fake “scientific” studies published in government-supported peer reviewed scholarly journals–so long as the studies support government expansion and intervention.

Now a trio of government-trusting academics have produced a “study” purporting to show that billionaires secretly promote anti-government, deregulatory agendas without saying so or doing anything directly. The evidence? Well, billionaires must promote their own interests, right?

The most glaring problem with the purported research is that the world’s most prominent billionaires who take vocal positions on social policy issues tend to promote heavy taxation, expansive regulation and wealth distribution (ironically). Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Tom Steyer are just a few of the billionaires known to be “center leftists” in their political advocacy.

But the Guardian article reassures us that there are billionaires who secretly promote deregulation and pro-liberty positions. Such billionaires do so from the shadows, according to the “study.” Only the Koch Brothers are mentioned in the article as being such pro-liberty advocates.

An analysis of how most billionaires acquired their riches found that most are in highly regulated industries. Thus, it would seem to be in their self interest to promote MORE, not less regulation.