Tech giants meet secretly at Twitter headquarters to plot election operations

Of course the American people have the constitutional right to meet secretly and plot the overthrow of government by means ofelections and coordinated political speech.

But in recent years, “campaign finance reformers” have imposed various rules making such secret plotting and funding of political speech illegal. Governments everywhere have always demanded that anyone who publishes criticisms of government must identify himself–calling the secret dispersement of political resources “dark money.”

Now there is news that the largest and most powerful tech firms–Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Spapchat and others–are meeting in secret at Twitter headquarters in downtown San Francisco to plot a unified strategy for dealing with the upcoming midterm elections.

No word that the F.E.C. is looking into the matter.

This would not be cause for alarm, except that these same firms are on record as promoting a consistent view of politics. They promote an extremist pro-government agenda with advancement of government slave-plantation healthcare, heavy taxation and regulation (imposed on smaller rivals) and the abolition of all “conspiracy theories” which cast doubt on the sincerity of government.

Two weeks ago, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other tech giants SIMULTANEOUSLY banned and removed the content of Alex Jones from their platforms, claiming Alex Jones promoted conspiracy theories. This is significant because Alex Jones was–at times–the largest channel on Youtube and a significant player on Facebook and other social media.

Observers see the current Twitter headquarter meeting as designed to advance the government narrative that all significant criticism of government is funded or directed by “Russians.”