Professor John Lamb: I will walk again!

An update on Lysander Spooner University’s favorite professor of journalism, John Lamb.

In April John was involved in a horrible and tragic traffic wreck on I-90 near Three Forks, Montana. John smashed into a semi tractor and it took more than 45 minutes to pry his body from the wreckage.

John Lamb broke dozens of bones and ribs and suffered critical damage to his internal organs. It is likely that some 100 screws and pieces of metal and plastic have been introduced into John’s body. His right foot and leg had to be almost completely rebuilt.

John’s journey to recovery began at Bozeman Deaconness Emergency Room. He was later moved to other units of Bozeman Deaconness and later to nursing home facilities. His community of support have provided him with a medical transport van, a motorized wheel chair and countless other blessings.

John was flat on his back for months and continues to need a motorized wheelchair. He cannot stand up without extreme pain. He is nonetheless confident and determined that he will someday walk again.

Many thanks to John Lamb and so many others. God bless John as he faces another surgery this week.