Britons voted TWO YEARS AGO to leave the EU; their government has defied them at every step; now the military is ready to crush any uprisings

Anyone who thinks that people in the west are free because they can vote should be watching the ‘Brexit’ events in England.

Two years ago, Brits defied their own government and EVERY MAJOR NEWS OUTLET AND MAJOR SOCIAL INSTITUTION (many of which–like those in the U.S.–are secretly government funded and controlled) and voted to leave the European Union.

First the world’s governments and ‘mainstream’ (meaning government-supporting) media predicted financial collapse for England. That didn’t happen (and in fact, England is thriving financially and outperforming other European economies).

Now the government of Britain is dragging its feet–openly refusing to exit the E.U. Some government official say the people will need to vote A SECOND TIME to assure the government that they really want freedom.

And now the government has summoned the military to be at the ready when deadlines approach and government fails to deliver on independence. See here.