Turkish government purges thousands of government workers deemed suspicious

The people of Turkey may get a brief period of relief from government workers.

Turkish president Erdogan has purged some 130,000 government workers over the past several years, claiming they were associated with ‘terrorist’ movements. Thousands more have been arrested and imprisoned.

In almost every instance, Erdogan security forces claim the employees are associated with exiled cleric Fetullah Gulen. Gulen now lives in the U.S. and has invested heavily in American private charter schools.

This past week, after Erdogan claims to have been reelected to another 5-year term, Turkish authorities dismissed more than 18,000 state employees for alleged ties to ‘terror.’

An emergency decree published in Turkey’s Official Gazette listed the names, saying they had been “removed from public duty” over their alleged links to organizations that “act against national security.”