Climate Skeptics Predicted Government would start “adjusting” Satellite Data to Prove Global Warming. A Year Later, the Predictions have come True!

Dr. Roy Spencer and John Christie pioneered the use of satellites to measure global temperatures. For 30 years, Dr. Spencer and Dr. Christie have led the satellite data program at the University of Alabama-Huntsville.

Spencer and Christie are known skeptics of manmade-global-warming theory, and have frequently pointed out that their satellite data does not show the massive warming that is allegedly shown by other, government-controlled data sets based on surface thermometers.

(Of course, we now know that government agencies such as NASA and NOAA have been “adjusting” the surface temp record to make the past colder than it was actually measured and the present seem warmer in comparison.)

The government climate-change establishment could not allow Spencer’s and Christie’s skepticism to continue unchallenged. And 3 years ago, Carl Mears of “Remote Sensing Systems” in California began publishing reports about rival satellite temp data being consistent with the government surface data sets.

The new RSS data sets have been widely heralded by government-supporting media sources like the Washington Post. See here.

(RSS is ostensibly private but receives almost all of its funding from NASA.)

Now it has become clear that RSS has been altering their own data to make the data more closely match government surface temp records. See here.

Stay tuned!