Government scientists rage at slight Trump budget cuts

Study after study shows that when government pays for science, that “science” tends to be very expensive, very inefficient, and biased in favor of government. This can be seen in numerous fields including welfare policy, education, health care and climate science.

Dr. Roger Roots, the founder of Lysander Spooner University, documented the inefficiency of government-funded “science” in an insightful 2013 study.

Dr.Terence Kealey found that government funding of science results in very few important discoveries. He published his findings in The Economic Laws of Scientific Research (1996).

On December 22, the Washington Post published the headline “Government scientists blocked from the biggest meeting in their field.”

The story went on to detail that the Trump Administration recently capped government attendance at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union, the largest gathering of Earth, space and climate scientists in the world.

Last year some 450 government scientists from the Interior Department attended and read their research papers at the conference. This year, the Trump Administration decreed that

no more than 199 employees across the department could travel to the meeting, and expenditures could not exceed $399,000.