Have glaciers increased in number in Glacier National Park?

It appears that NBC News visited Glacier National Park’s Grinnell Glacier earlier this year. NBC News repeated the claim of government scientists (prevalent everywhere throughout the Park) that the glaciers at GNP are rapidly melting due to apocalyptic-manmade-global-warming. See here.

Lysander Spooner University documented in September of this year that GNP’s famed Grinnell Glacier appears to have grown slightly since 2008. See here.
But NBC apparently overlooked our findings. NBC News quoted GNP’s Daniel Fagre as saying, “These glaciers have their fate sealed.” They are already doomed, according to Fagre.

Interestingly, NBC did a story just seven years ago in 2010 that claimed there were only 25 glaciers in GNP at that time (quoting the same government scientist). How did the number change to 26 by 2017?

And doesn’t this discrepancy suggest glaciers are growing in number rather than declining?