More proposed violence against climate change skeptics

Science is skepticism. A true scientist proposes hypotheses and challenges the whole world to show the hypotheses wrong. He invites debate.

A true scientist never proclaims he is right based on a ‘consensus’ or a committee vote. Under the scientific method, even a single observation contradicting a hypothesis is enough to scuttle the hypothesis.

But the area of climate science is dominated by government money and demands, censorship, bullying, and threats of sanctions and violence against skeptics of the government.

Here is yet another essay by a militant government truster named Brian Merchant demanding that those who question or disagree with the government be criminally punished. This adds to a long list. See here. And here.

The Merchant essay claims “Climate change denial can and will leave people dead.” Merchant proposes prosecuting skeptics under criminal negligence laws.

In fact all data show the opposite: Globally, weather-related property losses have actually decreased as a proportion of GDP by about 25% since 1990. Insured catastrophe losses have not increased as a proportion of GDP since 1960. Flood losses as a percentage of US GDP have dropped by about 75% since 1940. See here.

And the plainest measurement of all–deaths from extreme weather–shows massive declines (probably 95%) over the past century. See here.