Government agency caught falsifying temp records near Flagstaff, AZ. “Adjustments” were designed to bolster ‘global warming’ claims

The heroic data analyst Tony Heller will someday be seen as the man who almost singlehandedly brought down the government’s apocalyptic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2 hoax.

Heller painstakingly combs through temp data provided from government agencies such as N.O.A.A., and shows how the government’s adjustments tend to be designed to bolster the government’s climate claims.

Now Heller has found that N.O.A.A. “scientists” declared that the 1990 data from a weather station near Flagstaff, Arizona was missing. They then replaced the “missing” data with higher-than-normal temperature readings.

But the data was not missing at all. Heller has discovered that “NOAA declared two thirds of the recorded daily data at Fort Valley, Arizona from 1990 to be missing, and replaced them with fake higher temperatures.”

Such data manipulation by N.O.A.A. appears to have been done in other places as well.