The FDA has killed millions, saved only a few thousand

Government programs and agencies always achieve the very opposite of their stated purposes.

Antipoverty programs impoverish. “National security” efforts make societies less secure. Health and safety regulations make people less healthy and safe.

Here is a website dedicated to tallying the numbers of Americans who have died because of FDA-approved drugs, vaccines and medical devices. These deaths (820,000) are ADMITTED by the FDA itself.

Of course, for every acknowledged death there are numerous more which go unnoticed or not properly attributed. The site suggests that actual numbers of deaths from FDA-approved medications is likely 5 to 100 times greater.

Mind you, the FDA (“Food and Drug Administration”) was started to ensure that pills and medical products are safe and government-inspected.

Also, the numbers of people killed by FDA-approved medications probably pales in comparison to the numbers who have died BECAUSE THE FDA PREVENTED LIFE-SAVING TREATMENTS AND MEDICATIONS FROM COMING TO MARKET. This figure is certainly in the millions.

Experts say that getting FDA approval to market a new drug or device costs a company HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars, if not a billion dollars.