Professor Roy Spencer predicted last year that pro-government “scientists” would soon start “adjusting” satellite temp data to bring it into compliance with global warming theory. It has now happened

Professor Roy Spencer of the University of Alabama–Huntsville (UAH) is true pioneer of satellite temp data collection. He and Dr. John Christy have spent years launching and monitoring satellite temperature data (using government science grants).

The problem for government-trusting global-warming believers is that the UAH satellite data show very little global warming over the past 20 years. The satellite data correlate with weather balloon data but disagree with surface thermometer data (which are controlled by more pro-government “scientists” such as NASA’s Gavin Schmidt and are heavily “adjusted.”

Last year, Dr. Spencer predicted that “scientists” who support the government’s apocalyptic-global-warming-by-man-made-CO2 theory would start “adjusting” even the satellite data to make it comply with the global warming theory.

Sure enough, the warmist scientists have now published a “peer-reviewed” paper showing satellite data “adjusted” to make it appear that temps are warming. See here.