“Terror in Cyberspace!”: Lysander Spooner University Launches New Research Project

Lysander Spooner University is announcing a new research project: “Terror in Cyberspace.”

For two decades, government trusters and the “national security” state have been trumpeting the alleged danger that “terrorists” will take over the internet (or parts of the internet) and then will do such things as destroy or disrupt America’s power grid or other “critical infrastructure.”

Of course, the “power grid” is not unified, and is not accessible from the internet anywhere by any means. Any power plant or utility administrator who allowed his facilities to be connected to the internet would be utterly incompetent and negligent beyond words.

Here is a report by crusading journalist Glenn Greenwald about the Washington Post’s recent fake news story about Russians “hacking” a Vermont electric utility. According to Greenwald, “[l]iterally every facet of that story turned out to be false.”

The “terror in cyberspace” hoax–like the apocalyptic global warming hoax, like the Mexican bird flu hoax, like the ISIS hoax, like the 9/11 hoax and so many others–is another government vehicle for demanding ever more power and control over our lives.