Idaho government continues to ban unlicensed makeup artists

Governments everywhere demand that people get government licenses before engaging in certain businesses.

Most States require that those who cut hair, perform manicures or help others with makeup must first go through hundreds of hours of government-approved ‘training’ before doing so.

Such licensing laws keep poor people down by preventing them from starting businesses or launching careers.

Typically, state licensing schemes place a group of entrenched ‘good ol’ boys’ as ‘commissioners’ or members of a ‘board of cosmetology’ (or ‘board of outfitting,’ ‘board of transportation,’ etc). Thus, the very people who have an interest in keeping newcomers out of their fields are placed in gatekeeping positions.

Reason Magazine features the story of Japhet, a Boise makeup artist who recently tried to get the Idaho governor to deregulate the State’s ridiculously overregulated cosmetology industry. See here.

“Idaho requires 467 days of training in makeup and hair-styling for a license (and an even more insane 630 days of training to be a barber), even if an applicant doesn’t have any interest in doing hair-styling, which is why Japhet says she’s never sought a license.”

Japhet recently boycotted the governor after the governor refused to support licensing reform.