Another sighting of the word ‘austerity’; it exists almost nowhere except in rhetoric

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“Austerity” means cuts in government staff or welfare spending. The word appears often in false news, speeches of government trusters, and reporters.

But austerity exists almost nowhere outside such rhetoric. None of the governments of the western world have done much cutting of their budgets. When George W. Bush won the presidency, the Republicans controlled ALL 3 BRANCHES of government. Republicans DID NOT CUT A SINGLE LINE OF A SINGLE BUDGET OF A SINGLE PROGRAM OF A SINGLE AGENCY OF A SINGLE DEPARTMENT!

Now, the government-cheerleading website is once again claiming that “austerity” is a thing in national politics. points to a ‘study’ which purports to show that “big Republican donors” support more “austerity” than normal Republicans. THIS IS ACTUALLY PROOF THAT THE DONORS ARE NOT IN CHARGE OF AMERICAN POLITICS.

Government trusters repeatedly claim that American politics has been taken over by wealthy billionaires and corporations. Yet during the past election, most big donors supported Hillary–who outspent Trump by a factor of 2 to 1!

Every claim of “campaign finance reformers” is false. Every single claim. See here.