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Socialism Kills: Socialist Haiti lost 500 people to Hurricane Matthew; neighboring Dominican Republic lost 4

Socialist Haiti shares an island with the Capitalist Dominican Republic. One can see the difference between Haiti’s CO2 footprint and the Dominican Republic’s from space at night. Haiti sits in the dark as its people huddle in suffering, burning firewood instead of fossil fuels. Around 500 people died in in Haiti due to Hurricane Matthew. …

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Starving Venezuelan prisoners kill, dismember and eat a fellow inmate

Socialism is a curse that should be wished only on a hated enemy. As Venezuela plunges deeper into socialist terror, poverty and malnutrition, there are now reports that 40 Venezuelan prisoners killed, dismembered and ate an inmate. See here.

University of Florida offers 24/7 counseling for students traumatized by offensive Halloween costumes

America’s government colleges have been pushing a steady stream of elitist, pro-government socialism for generations. Now the University of Florida has issued a proclamation to students regarding the threat of politically incorrect Halloween costumes. “If you choose to participate in Halloween activities, we encourage you to think about your choices of costumes and themes. Some …

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Americans’ greatest fear: government

Our masters in government continuously tell us to trust the state and accept more government power and authority. The message is not getting out, however. Another poll shows that when Americans are asked about their greatest fears, THEY PUT GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION AT THE TOP. See here.

Free market writings increasingly censored as “hate speech” by internet filters

Increasingly businesses and libraries are contracting with companies that provide internet filters for internet users. The filters are sold with claims that they weed out porn and hate speech. Increasingly, it seems that such filters classify free market writings as ‘hate speech.’ See here: articles by Rothbard are being blocked by my work’s internet security …

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Bank of America issues recession warning

Today every country on earth utilizes central banking to produce its currency. No currency on earth is backed by gold, silver or any other precious metal or commodity. Through the seemingly magical power of central banking, governments can produce ‘goods and services’ beyond their levels of taxation. But now one of the largest commercial banks …

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Poorer households suffer more from government regulations than do richer households

A new study finds that poorer households spend a higher proportion of their incomes on more heavily regulated goods. Consequently, the costs of regulations falls disproportionately on the poor. See here. The study, entitled “How Do Federal Regulations Affect Consumer Prices? An Analysis of the Regressive Effects of Regulation,” was authored by Dustin Chambers and …

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7 in 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in savings

If you save anything in modern America, you are an utter fool. The U.S. government has been punishing savers for years. A variety of government programs punish savers: For example, near-zero percent interest rates (which disincentivize saving and incentivize borrowing), and the Social Security and Medicare programs (which incentivize early ‘retirement,’ and convince millions of …

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81-year-old woman growing pot plant raided by National Guard with helicopter

Never before in American history has government been so powerful in relation to its subjects. Government ‘law enforcement’ at all levels is now so massively overfunded that it deploys tanks, helicopters and tactical teams to enforce the most trivial laws. Now a retired Massachusetts woman growing a single pot plant for medicine has been raided …

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U.S. government spends 1.5 billion dollars ANNUALLY on public relations

Barack Obama became president of the United States in 2008 with the support of about $2 billion. (Because the presidential election is a two-year cycle, this means that the cost of promoting Obama to the Presidency was approximately $1 billion annually.) Campaign finance “reformers” routinely decry “money in politics” and push for government controls on …

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