Another U.S. Postal worker caught disposing of mail rather than delivering it

Many people believe the U.S. Postal Service monopoly is found in the Constitution. In fact, the Constitution merely says Congress has the power to establish a postal service.

Not only is there no power to grant a postal monopoly in the Constitution, the OTHER provisions of the Constitution make it clear that Congress MAY NOT violate people’s contract and property rights by establishing a postal monopoly.

And the First Amendment freedom of press requires that ‘the press’ have independent (nongovernment) delivery avenues.

And the current U.S. Postal Service monopoly violates the Fourth Amendment in that it pursues an agenda of identifying every American and placing every American at an address known to the government.

The U.S. Postal Service loses billions annually despite having every advantage in the marketplace (including tax-free status, prestige real estate locations, eminent domain, paying no property taxes, etc.).

Every independent investigation into U.S. Postal Service practices has found that Postal workers regularly throw valid mail into the trash without delivering it.

Now another U.S. Postal worker has been caught tossing tons of valid mail into the bushes. See here.