GAO discovers that some federal employees take YEAR-LONG vacations at taxpayer expense


Federal workers are practically gods walking among us. They are so overpaid and overrewarded with benefits that they represent modern feudal overlords overseeing peasants.

A new study by the GAO has found that it is not unheard of for federal employees in the Department of Homeland Security to take entire months off of work–and in some cases entire years off–PAID entirely by the taxpayers. See here.

They do this by manipulating sick and leave time, and “trading” such off-time among each other. “Depending on the department and the length of service, each federal employee receives . . . . 4 to 8 hours of both sick and vacation leave [per pay period (every 2 weeks) which accrues.”

That means some employees are receiving 7.8 weeks of vacation each year.

On top of this, if someone needs additional leave for personal or medical emergency, they may receive vacation leave transferred from a fellow employee.

About 2% of all federal employees–4,281 people–went on leave for longer than three months during the fiscal years 2011 through 2013.

219 employees of the DHS alone went on PAID leave for 6 -12 months.

“[O]ver the five years of the study (from 2011-2015), 116 DHS employees were on administrative leave for more than a year costing us over $19.8 million.”