Update: California legislature is tabling ‘climate skeptic criminalization’ bill


Breaking! Yesterday it made national news that a California legislator had introduced a bill to criminalize climate skepticism as an ‘unfair trade practice.’ Californians were to obey the State and utter agreement with the State’s apocalyptic global warming theory.

Today there are more details. It turns out the bill actually made its way out of committee and was on its way to the floor for a final vote!

And the bill was written so as to have a lengthy retroactive statute of limitations. (California law has a general statute of limitations of 4 years; only severe crimes such as rape and murder may be brought up more than 4 years after their alleged commission.)

It seems that the totalitarians who drafted the climate skeptic criminalization bill intended it to rope in fossil-fuel companies that allegedly promoted skepticism more than a decade ago!

(This shows the shallowness and weakness of the government’s conspiracy theory that skepticism of the government’s theory is underwritten by the coal and oil industries: the theory rests on 1 line in 1 memo decades ago.)

UPDATE: The Democrats in the California legislature–sensing political winds are against them–have announced they are tabling the climate-skepticism criminalization bill. See here.