U.S. Postal Service has every advantage; yet still loses a billion dollars annually

Government sucks at almost everything. Its “goods and services” cost more and are of lower quality despite the fact that the government enjoys every possible advantage in the marketplace.

Consider the U.S. Postal Service. It has been losing a billion dollars annually for years. Yet “it enjoys a range of government-conferred benefits. It has monopolies on first-class mail (letters under 13 ounces) and standard mail (bulk advertising items). It also has a monopoly on access to mailboxes, which is a unique protection among postal systems in the world.

Furthermore, the USPS borrows from the U.S. Treasury at subsidized interest rates, pays no federal or state taxes, is excluded from local zoning laws, and has the power of eminent domain. But even with these advantages, the USPS loses money.”

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