April 2016 archive

Venezuelans now don’t have toilet paper, cable TV or cell phone service

Socialism is something that should only be wished on one’s enemies. For years, Venezuelans have voted for overt socialists. It all seemed great at first. “Free” health care, education, food, shelter, clothing, etc. The government ‘paid’ for everything with abundant oil. But now oil prices have hit rock bottom and the Venezuelan government owes its …

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California’s 1 percent pay 45 percent of all State income taxes

For decades, the legislature of California has pushed the envelope toward socialism, high taxes and overregulation. Now the Sacramento Bee has conducted a study of the State’s tax burden. The newspaper found that forty-five percent of the state’s income tax money comes from the top 1 percent of filers – those with adjusted gross income …

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Minnesota cities claim to be able to search rental apartments without warrant to ensure good housekeeping

Astounding story from the Institute for Justice. Government control freaks in Golden Valley, Minnesota claim they have the right to search any rental apartment in order to ensure the apartment is clean and tidy. Golden Valley and other Minnesota towns seek evidence-free “administrative” warrants to search rental homes. The Institute for Justice is challenging the …

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Medicare Part D was sold with claims it would cost $400 billion; Estimates were immediately raised to $534 billion after passage

If government programs were subjected to the same fraud and unfair-trade-practices standards that prevail in the private sector, many politicians and government bureaucrats would be serving lengthy prison sentences. Martin L. Gross reminds us that the congressional Republicans who pushed for Medicare Part D (prescription drug benefits for all Medicare recipients) in 2003 spread fundamental …

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Grasping for Money, Connecticut legislators push to tax Yale University’s profits

One of the greatest myths of contemporary higher education involves the designation of a college as ‘for-profit’ or ‘nonprofit.’ Haters of markets tend to loathe for-profit colleges such as the University of Phoenix. Of course, the University of Phoenix contributes many thousands of dollars in taxes annually, while ‘nonprofit’ colleges like Montana State University pay …

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Saturday-Sunday, May 21-22, 2016 Did you know that there are hundreds of glaciers and permanent snowfields in Park County, Montana? Lysander Spooner University announces a research effort aimed at annually assessing the size and vitality of Park County’s glaciers. Join us on Saturday, May 21, 2016 for a field trip and hike into the Crazy …

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Yet another government-funded professor demands climate skeptics be punished

Yet another government-employed professor has publicly demanded that those who doubt the government’s climate theories be punished. See here. Professor Michael E. Kraft is a political science professor at University of Wisconsin–Green Bay. Kraft even suggests that the prosecution of think tanks and skeptical writers “might be a tougher sell, given rights to free speech, …

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Official government climate data has been altered to make the past appear colder

The climate blogger Tony Heller (Steven Goddard) has often alerted readers to the fact that government data sets have been altered to make the past seem colder. See here. “NASA has altered their own data by 0.5C since 2001, yet claims that everyone agrees within about 0.05C.”

Major pro-government newspapers are dying. And even their online editions are losing readers

As the digital age dawned on the newspaper industry a decade ago, most of the major U.S. and western newspapers recognized that they should create online editions to capture readers who abandon print newspapers. But it turns out that content is more important than forum. Newspapers are dying; and so are the online editions! See …

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As Socialist Venezuela Collapses, its Government Demands Women Conserve Electricity by not Using Hairdryers

Socialism is a curse that should be wished on one’s enemies. All societies who embrace it will ultimately become sick and weak. Venezuela is an oil-rich country, but has been saddled with central planning and socialism for decades. Now the country is so short of electricity that its rulers are demanding that women stop using …

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