Will Glacier National Park’s glaciers be gone in four years?

national geographic

by Dr. Roger I. Roots

Last Fall I proposed a $5,000 bet that there will still be glaciers in Glacier National Park in 2030. This is contrary to DOZENS of signs inside Glacier National Park, as well as many government flyers and pamphlets that are handed out to GNP visitors.

As of yet, no one has taken me up on my $5,000 offer.

This got me thinking: What is the government going to do as 2030 approaches and it becomes clear that their preposterous claims are untrue?

I have no doubt that the government will begin modifying these claims by 2025, if not sooner.

Knowing that government officials and their government-supporting scientists might try to avoid embarrassment, I have started recording screenshots of government websites (and the websites of various pro-government “environmentalist” groups) which make the claim that manmade-global-warming will melt the GNP glaciers by 2030.

I came across a shocking National Geographic website making an even more extreme prediction: that the GNP glaciers will all be gone by 2020–FOUR YEARS FROM NOW!

Screenshot image is above. The website is here.