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Who Needs Data? TIME Magazine already predicting 2016 will be the hottest year on record!

Climatedepot.com reports that TIME Magazine recently (before 2016 even began) pronounced that 2016 will be the “hottest year on record.” See here.

Edward Snowden Exposes French “ISIS” Video as Fake

The CIA and other western intelligence agencies have been producing fake “Islamist” videos for years. Edward Snowden recently tweeted that a recent widely-viewed “ISIS” video was actually produced by “SITE,” a CIA front group. See here.

Government purports to issue “travel ban” for New York City

Under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, every person has freedom of movement and travel. Such rights are fundamental, natural rights, and it was once understood that any person had a right to use violence against any government official who tried to interfere with them. Including deadly violence if necessary. (Don’t believe me? Read Roger …

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Governments of the Middle Ages Killed 50,000 Witches for Causing Climate Change

In this video, Dr. Sallie Baliunas, Staff Astrophysicist at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, discusses her research into the “climate change” hysteria that spread across Europe between the 1500s to the 1700s. Authorities prosecuted witches for acting with Satan to cause strange weather. Witch trials were administered by the most highly educated upper level …

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Government-funded computer models have thus far not been able to predict temperatures for even short 10-year periods

Paul Dreissen posts a tribute to the wonderful Australian scientist Bob Carter, who died of a heart attack last week. See here. Carter exposed a number of climate-change claims as fraudulent. He documented that IPCC computer climate models have thus far not been able to predict warming or other climate changes accurately for even short …

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“Alternative Energy”: California government to charge taxpayers millions to build electric-car charging stations

There seems to be a religious hatred among government trusters against fossil-fuel suppliers. A loathing almost as irrational as the unshakeable, almost hypersexual, love of self-styled “conservatives” for men in government uniforms. Even as petroleum products have been made cheaper and cheaper by private sector innovators, the government of California is poised to forcibly take …

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Government again moves to ban private encryption

After the San Bernardino attacks last month, many voices suspected the episode was another false flag operation by undercover government agents. Evidence pointed to the fact, for example, that the very government buildings “attacked” (reportedly by Islamic militants) had been the focus of numerous government “drills” in the weeks prior. Now, the FBI seems to …

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The Lesson from Flint: Never Trust Government to Deliver a Vital Good or Service

The City of Flint, Michigan–long under the political control of pro-government extremists–is now in the news for secretly supplying high-lead water to its population. Lots of political blaming and shaming. But the lesson is: Never trust government to dispense a vital commodity or service. The private sector would NEVER knowingly provide contaminated water to customers. …

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Walmart losing millions, closing stores where minimum-wage laws are harshest

In case anyone needed further evidence that minimum-wage laws create unemployment, here is another story about Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart once had a thriving business model. It offered cheap goods at a central location. But Wal-Mart has come under attack from anti-business voices for years. In response, Wal-Mart has increased its pay rates for its labor (which …

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Bozeman Chronicle Prints Headline Suggesting that “Coordinating” One’s Campaign with a Nonprofit Group is “Corruption”

The First Amendment protects political speech above all other forms of speech. But in Montana, there is a powerful movement of pro-government voices (not the least of which are the major newspapers) who support ever-more government control over political speech under the guise of “campaign finance regulation.” Montana politicians have been investigated by the government …

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