Government solutions after government poisoned thousands in Flint: Send money to fund more government!


Unlike a private business, which loses money and goes bankrupt after providing bad service, government agencies generally benefit from failure and crisis. Failure means even more money and power!

Good money after bad. Here is an Associated Press article about Michigan lawmakers passing a bill to take $28 million more from taxpayers to divert to the Flint, Michigan tainted-water situation.

Flint has been controlled by extreme pro-government-expansion politicians for decades. They ran the city into the ground and then poisoned the community with toxic lead-polluted water.

These are the same social parasites who decry privatization and talk about how bad it would be if greedy profiteers ever provided water to the citizenry.

An Infowars expose’ detailed the millions upon millions of dollars of government spending that is being recommended with a straight face by government cheerleaders like Michael Moore. The antidote to the “greed” of the private sector, according to Moore.