French March in Protest of ‘Permanent Emergency’ Police State


Governments love emergencies, terror and crises of all kinds. Consequently, governments have a stake in spreading fear and terror, and almost never benefit from peacefulness or tranquility.

Many articles have documented suspicious links between recent French terrorist attackers and French intelligence. Were the French terror attacks of the past year “false flag” attacks?

It is undeniable that French advocates of intrusive expansive government have benefitted. Since the Concert killings of November 13, 2015 (which killed 130 people), France has become a virtual totalitarian police state. Machine-gun toting paramilitary troops now patrol the sidewalks. Tanks roll freely through streets. There have been warrantless midnight raids of Islamic homes and religious institutions.

Now the people of France are beginning to wake up and complain of their long-lost freedom. See here.