Obamacare has led to fewer insurance options, fewer firms, higher costs and a need for another bailout


Just as in other heavily-regulated industries (think meatpacking), the new regulations in healthcare are causing consolidation, fewer but larger insurance companies, and much higher premium costs.

Here is a summary of the situation. Dr. Mandy Cohen of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently testified that almost 700,000 Americans have lost their health coverage because the insurance co-ops formed under ObamaCare couldn’t compete with major insurance companies.

[T]he insurance industry lobby is quietly advocating for prescription drug price controls, while simultaneously seeking 20% – 40% premium rate increases in 2016.

[And while drug companies are simultaneously lobbying against the insurance industry. –Lysander]

As ObamaCare relies on a dwindling number of insurance companies to administer the U.S. healthcare system, . . . The federal government seems perfectly willing to pour money into its failed ObamaCare experiment. The co-op collapse alone will likely cost the American taxpayer over $2 trillion.