Another College “Disinvites” A Speaker for Presenting Governmentally-Incorrect Views

America’s colleges overwhelmingly promote–often with government funds taken by force from taxpayers–an extremist, pro-government, socialist and elitist doctrine.

Now Williams College, a once-prestigious liberal arts college in Massachusetts–has banned a speaker from an event after inviting her to speak. See here.

It is the greatest irony that Williams College had begun to recognize that its faculty, curricula and administration have increasingly trumpeted a one-sided, extreme pro-government ideology; the “disinvited” speaker (Suzanne Venker) had been invited as part of the College’s “Uncomfortable Learning” lecture series, purportedly aimed at offering students a small bit of diversity.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has an entire website listing many dozens of “disinvited” speakers who have been banned from government-controlled campuses over the years. See here. Although the site depicts such instances of campus censorship as arising from differing sources (i.e., “left” or “right”) close scrutiny shows that most of the disinvited speakers offered a position, experience or argument that dissented from the general ‘cult of the omnipotent state’ ideology governing American universities.

(Note that a handful of disinvited speakers on the list were well-known government tyrants or torturers, and their disinvitations stemmed from students objecting on “human rights” grounds.)