Losing the battle on science, governments increasingly seek to “settle” the global-warming question in court


You know governments are losing the battle in the field of science when they seek to create judgments and “findings of fact.”

They did it to Socrates. They did it to Galileo.

Now, increasingly, governments and socialist promoters of the catastrophic-manmade-global-warming-by-human-released-CO2 theory are resorting to the strong arm of government venues, such as courts, commissions and other staged tribunals. See here.

Governments are clearly losing the battle in the realm of science. More and more climate scientists are becoming skeptics (even as government funding for the hysteria is greater than ever). See here. And here.

Government-funded researchers and operatives purporting to ‘measure the earth’s temperature’ by land thermometers have routinely pronounced–year after year–that each year is warmer than the last (after “adjustments” are made). But actual satellite and weather balloon readings show no warming whatsoever in 19 years. Ice at the south pole is greater than ever measured. Ice at the north pole is near all-time highs as measured by satellite. See here.