Average federal “worker” is compensated almost $120,000 annually


The USA Today reported in 2011 that statistically, federal employees are more likely to die than to be fired or laid off. The federal government fires only about one-half of one percent of its workers annually–compared to the the private sector, which fires about 3% of workers annually.

“White-collar federal workers,” the USA Today reported, “have almost total job security after a few years on the job. [In 2010] the government fired none of its 3,000 meteorologists, 2,500 health insurance administrators, 1,000 optometrists, 800 historians or 500 industrial property managers. Several huge agencies, such as the 1,800-employee Federal Communications Commission and the 1,200-employee Federal Trade Commission didn’t lay off or fire a single employee [in 2010]. The SBA had no layoffs, six firings and 17 deaths in its 4,000-employee workforce.

Now a new Cato Institute report finds that Federal pay averaged $84,153 in 2014, compared to an average in the private sector of $56,350.

And when pension, medical and other benefits are added, federal employees averaged an astounding $119,934 in 2014, which was 78 percent higher than the private-sector average of $67,246.

This places the AVERAGE federal employee near the “one-percenter” category that some people claim are controlling the country. See here.