Government-supported universities continue censoring and suppressing individualist ideology


Whenever you walk from the free world onto a government-supported college campus, you are entering a world where products and services are more expensive and where your freedoms are decreased.

Everything at most modern government-supported colleges is more expensive than off-campus. In Bozeman, Montana, for example, parking is free everywhere. Except in one location: the campus of Montana State University. At Montana State University, you can buy a sandwich for 7 bucks that would cost 5 bucks elsewhere in Bozeman.

These high costs are directly attributable to the Student Loan Program, which artificially boosts demand and fills students’ pockets with artificially-available cash.

Here is a column by Walter E. Williams about the University of California. It is a public institution, which presumably is subject to the Bill of Rights, including the First Amendment. Yet the California university system has put out a list of disfavored (pre-banned?) statements; which students are warned not to utter.

The disfavored statements include:

* “America is the land of opportunity.”
* “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.”
* “Everyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough.”

See here.
Of course, these statements are statements of political ideology, so California’s public universities are unconstitutionally censoring the expression of certain–especially individualist, free-enterprise, capitalistic–ideas.