Government Beginning to Extend “Border” Checkpoints Deep Inside the Internal United States.


Startling news from upstate New York. Federal Border Patrol agents have begun setting up travel checkpoints deeper and deeper into the United States, and aggressively interrogating American travelers. According to the Watertown (New York) Daily Times, federal agents are routinely interrogating drivers on internal roadways and even demanding to search vehicles without reasonable suspicion.

And when American citizens decline to consent to a search, the federal agents become aggressive and bring in K-9 units. (Search dogs always “signal” to their “handlers” that drugs (or something) have been detected, thereby triggering (in the minds of handlers) “probable cause” to search any vehicle; the “signal” might be a twitch of a whisker or the slight wag of a tail–perceptible to no one other than the government “handler.”)

There are reports that Americans who do not consent to aggressive interrogation or search are tasered or assaulted.