The Increasing Disconnect Between Private Entrepreneurs and Government Control Freaks


The FINANCIAL TIMES magazine is out yesterday with a brilliant article by by Edward Luce, “The great American disconnect.” Luce points out that while lawmakers and politicians everywhere are seeking to tax, regulate, control, classify, limit, and stifle every aspect of American life, entrepreneurs in the tech sector and industry are still “trying to make cars fly, abolish human mortality and nurture robots with feelings.”

Do these dreamers not realize that their dreams can never take flight under the Orwellian climate of central planning, socialism and near-Soviet-level control that governments have imposed on American society? As Luce writes, “America’s politics is remarkable for its resistance to new ideas.” “The gap between Washington’s dearth of creativity,” he continues “and the ferment beyond is widening.”

Wherever one encounters private-sector innovation, one encounters problem-solving and potential avenues for expansion of life’s possibilities. Wherever one encounters government, he encounters violence, intimidation and obsession with licensing, registration and control.