A Private-Sector website that directed consumers to different health-insurance options already existed before the Obamacare website flop


Most of us remember two years ago when the government’s Obamacare website was launched. Americans watched in horror as the website crashed, failed to function and was hacked. At a cost to taxpayers of many tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars.

It was a lesson in how government enterprises perform.

Of course, ANY American with an IQ above 85 could have produced a working website to help consumers identify health-insurance options for less than a million dollars. If he couldn’t do it himself, he could have paid a webmaster to build such a site for, say, a hundred thousand dollars. Almost anyone in the business would have jumped at the opportunity. And the original guy would have pocketed $900,000. ANY AMERICAN COULD HAVE DONE IT FOR A MILLION DOLLARS–and most would have made a handsome profit.

Now we read from former congressman Allen West that THERE ACTUALLY WAS a private-sector website that could do what the Obamacare website failed to do. It was called eHealthInsurance.com.

The ehealthinsurance.com site was in the business of helping consumers find health insurance options on their own. The private-sector site had built-in security protections to keep consumers’ confidential information private. And it was free or cheap. Who knew?