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Governments worldwide have always sought to control discourse. CIA analysts report that it is cheaper for governments to buy a journalist than to buy a hooker.

Dec 16

New York Times is Dying: Pro-Government Newspaper Vacating 8 Floors in its Iconic Building

The New York Times, like all pro-government “news” sources, is dying. Readers won’t pay for its government-subsidized, fake content in the internet age. Now the Times has announced that it will vacate 8 floors in its iconic New York Times building on Times Square to rent them out. See here.

Dec 15

Facebook increasingly networking with government; will launch censorship operation

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has often met secretly with U.S. President Obama at the White House and elsewhere. The corporation–which monitors millions of users–has now launched an operation to regulate its content for “fake news.” “Fake news” is a government-generated meme currently circulating widely in mainstream (i.e., government supporting) news media. The government and its …

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Dec 05

Obvious CIA signature behind current “fake news” fad

It is well documented that the CIA heavily funded mainstream “American culture” throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s. Billions, if not hundreds of billions of dollars have been taken from taxpayers to subsidize “mainstream” (i.e., pro-government) news and entertainment content. Now, after the pro-government establishment was defeated in the 2016 elections, the government newspapers have …

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Nov 26

Washington Post’s “fake news” smear exposed as McCarthyite propaganda

Days ago the Washington Post published (and energetically advertised) a “news story” alleging that the 2016 Trump election was produced by “hundreds” of “fake news” stories created by Russian propagandists. (Of course, the Washington Post itself has been identified as a government CIA propaganda mouthpiece by numerous whistleblowers.) (Senate hearing in the ’70s and ’80s …

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Nov 19

Pro-government news sources decry the influence of “fake news”

Once again, there is a major push among government trusters to censor anti-government or alternative news. Pro-government forces who decry the election of Donald Trump two weeks ago are blaming the increasing influence of alternative news sources. They couldn’t force voters to view their tired, old, dying pro-government “news” sources. Now pro-government sources are launching …

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Nov 02

New York Times quarterly earnings fall 95 percent

America’s government-supporting newspapers are dying. Now the New York Times–America’s premier pro-government newspaper–is reporting quarterly earnings that are 95.7 percent lower than just a year earlier. See here.

Oct 27

“News” establishment begs critics to stop criticizing

The safest profession in the world is probably journalism in support of the state. Undoubtedly, the most dangerous profession in the world is journalism in opposition to the state. For years, America’s pro-government (“mainstream”) press has promoted an agenda of increasing government power and control. Political movements which threaten the dominance of established government have …

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Oct 20

Ad revenue for pro-government, er, . . . “mainstream,” newspapers is plummeting

For a decade, the pro-government newspapers of the western world have seen their ad revenues plunge as fast as their readerships. A new report based on ad-buying trends predicts that global spending on newspaper print ads will decline 8.7% to $52.6 billion by the end of 2016. In the internet age, “alternative” news sources are …

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Aug 13

“Ship of Fools 2” becomes worldwide laughing stock as climate skeptics monitor its course

Months ago a group of true believers in apocalyptic man-made global warming loudly announced a sailing expedition by which they planned to sail around the Arctic Circle. “We are sailing around the Arctic, around the North Pole,” says the group’s website, “to demonstrate that due to progressive sea ice recession due to Arctic climate change, …

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Jun 26

Contradicting hundreds of news reports, Greenland’s ice surface is well above normal for the date

Hundreds of newspaper articles and posts on “mainstream” (meaning government-supporting and supported) websites have proclaimed a recent “acceleration” in melting of ice in Greenland. In fact, satellite footage and data show that the ice pack in Greenland (as mid-summer approaches) is actually above normal. “Greenland’s surface has gained 530 billion tons of ice since last …

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