Update: mainstream media cracks; begins to report Chilean protests were ignited by carbon taxes

After weeks of anti-government rioting in Chile and the embarrassing cancellation of the upcoming UN climate conference in Chile, some mainstream (i.e., government supported and supporting) news outlets are reluctantly reporting a connection to recent carbon taxes imposed by the Chilean government.

The Washington Post, conceding that capitalistic reforms have catapulted Chile to prosperity since 1975, reports that “Chileans have revolted against the cost of living” and cautions that transportation cost increases “incite rebellion like nothing else–a point that those who hope to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions via a carbon tax should bear in mind.”

Reuters, which, like the Washington Post has been repeatedly exposed as a funnel for CIA-generated propaganda, reluctantly mentioned a connection between carbon taxes and the Chilean riots. “Using price hikes as a policy tool has failed elsewhere too,” wrote Reuters. “France’s carbon tax helped spark months of “gilet jaunes” street protests.”