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Oct 22

Opening statements in the whittled-down “Exxon Knew” trial

By Roger Roots For Lysander Spooner University, Antigovernment News, and Justice Travelers Lower Manhattan, New York, New York. Oct. 22. It was supposed to be the trial of the century. But a New York Daily News article published on October 21 was entitled “The incredible collapsing ‘#ExxonKnew’ climate change lie” The “Exxon Knew” case began …

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Oct 03

Worldwide, scientists who disagree with climate doomsday messaging are attacked, fired, defunded and ostracized

Tony Heller documents numerous cases where expert scientists who disagree with governments’ theory of manmade apocalyptic global warming are fired from their positions, stripped of support and funding, and violently attacked. “This is how “consensus” is maintained – through the same thuggery used to silence Galileo hundreds of years ago. A return to the Dark …

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Aug 17

Major science journal publishes article blacklisting climate skeptics

The journal Nature previously enjoyed great prestige among science journals. In recent years, however, Nature‘s editors have heavily promoted climate doomsday messaging. Now the journal has published a study purporting to show that climate change “contrarians” are overrepresented in media discussions of climate science. The study first gathered a large list of known “contrarians” taken …

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Jun 29

Images destined to join other icons of the climate doomsday scam

Last month, almost every major newspaper in the world published photos of Greenland sled dogs skating through ankle-deep water atop Greenland’s supposedly-disappearing ice sheet. Some journalists were almost apoplectic in their accompanying stories: CNN wrote that “The incredible photo . . . quickly went viral, destined to join pictures of starving polar bears, shrunken glaciers, …

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Apr 13

EPA predicts “hundreds of billions” of dollars of damages annually from climate change

The LA Times is out with another doomsday story about apocalyptic-manmade-global-warming-by-CO2. The LA Times cites an EPA study predicting ruined bridges, dirty air, crop failure, economic collapse due to lack of labor productivity and property destruction. Total costs–unless governments quickly advance toward socialism and controlling the energy industry–will be in the hundreds of billions of …

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