New Climate Bet: Roots bets Kocienzski III that U.S. crop yields will continue in the next decade

Just weeks ago the U.S. government released its 1,700-page 2018 US National Climate Assessment, which claimed that failure to eliminate fossil fuels will send global temperatures soaring 15 degrees F by 2100! Chaos and food shortages will ensue! In the wake of these predictions, Dr. Roger Roots, founder and president of Lysander Spooner University, proposed […]

Nicaraguan Reporters face assaults, violence, and death threats

The safest job in the world is that of a pro-government reporter; the most dangerous job in the world is that of an anti-government reporter.  Dozens of courageous journalists have faced violent threats and attacks in the past year as they have reported on life under the repressive government.  One journalist who has reported on […]

Socialist Cuba has difficulty keeping its buildings standing

The USA Today is out with an article on the fading and failing infrastructure of socialist Havana, Cuba. Dozens of large buildings in downtown Havana simply fall apart and collapse each year. “Causes range from weather and neglect to faulty renovations and theft of structural beams.” What about ‘code enforcement’? Government inspections? Government control and […]

Pro-government Huffington Post may soon require paid subscription

The Drudge Report, which offers a balanced listing of headline links, is one of the world’s most-visited websites. Drudge Report frequently links to information and news which are not government approved. For several years, government trusters have sought to undermine the impact of the Drudge Report by promoting more pro-government alternatives such as the Huffington […]

French citizens protest “climate change” impositions

Thousands of French citizens have taken to the streets wearing high-visibility yellow jackets to protest the government’s burdensome fuel taxes. Diesel and gasoline taxes have increased by more than 20 percent in recent months and the government expects to further increase tax burdens on the population. Just as with the government of Australia, the government […]

As governments fail, gated communities become alluring

Nothing illustrates the failure of government like the recent wildfire casualties in northern California. Residents fled helplessly while overpaid government bureaucrats failed–or refused–to protect their lives and property. Meanwhile some very wealthy individuals paid for private fire protection. Now The Hollywood Reporter is out with an interesting article about the allure of gated communities. More […]

Google secretly continues building new censored, pro-government internet

The company’s own legal division is not allowed to know about or criticize the operation. The Intercept is out with a stunning report on Google’s efforts to help the Chinese government build a pro-government, censored, internet. * Google has contracted with Chinese companies (and the Chinese government) to build a huge new pro-government version of […]

Heller: the “melting Arctic” scam is now on its last legs

The relentless temp data analyst Tony Heller has tracked claims that the Arctic is melting for years. As the “mainstream” (meaning pro-government) news media has amped up claims that manmade global warming is melting ice in the Arctic away to nothing, Heller has repeatedly published satellite data showing the contrary. Ice in the Arctic declined […]

Canadian government to fund pro-government “news media” with tax breaks

An astounding story from Ottowa, Canada. Concern that “mainstream” (code for government-supporting) newspapers are dying has led Canadian officials to propose efforts to support the government-stenographer news media. With the explosion of more truthful and critical alternatives, consumers will no longer pay to read pro-government propaganda. The proposal will give Canadians a 15 percent tax […]