Nicaraguan Reporters face assaults, violence, and death threats

The safest job in the world is that of a pro-government reporter; the most dangerous job in the world is that of an anti-government reporter. 

Dozens of courageous journalists have faced violent threats and attacks in the past year as they have reported on life under the repressive government. 

One journalist who has reported on Nicaraguan protests was detained by police six times in one week.  At one point, police placed a bag over his head and warned him that if his reporting continued to be critical of the police, he and his family would be killed.

In Nicaragua, many TV and radio stations are owned by family members of ruling officials.  Those outside this ownership network are described by the government as right wing terrorist media.

“Every independent journalist has received death threats,” says Gerall Chávez, a reporter with VosTV, whose house was vandalised in August.

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