Google’s new “guidelines” call for the company’s programmers to optimize websites that represent “well established scientific consensus” and to downgrade those which are skeptical

The world’s most frequently-visited search engine, Google, has produced “guidelines” for its programmers.

Interestingly the guidelines tell programmers to optimize “High quality information pages on scientific topics” which represent “well established scientific consensus on issues where such consensus exists.” (Section 3.2)

But writer Leo Goldstein reminds us that “the allegations of “scientific consensus” are made only in one field – climate alarmism.”

In fact, everywhere else, “’Scientific consensus’ is almost an oxymoron.”

Science IS SKEPTICISM. And no “vote” can ever establish a scientific rule or fact.

Thus, it appears that Google is actively seeking to promote the government’s manmade-climate-change-by-CO2 theory, and seeking to bury skeptical information.
See here.