Collapsing Chicago Public Schools Seeking to Force Rural Illinois Property Owners to Pay $17 BILLION Debt

The Chicago Public School District is $17 BILLION in debt. (That figure is greater than the annual State budgets of numerous entire states combined; Chicago’s “teachers” often retire as multimillionaires in a state that has experienced years of declining household incomes.)

Years of corruption and government central planning have taken their toll. (And all measurements of school output show Chicago’s expensive schools are among the nation’s worst.)

The City’s longsuffering taxpayers have already been taxed at levels rarely seen in a modern democracy.

So to pay off the School District’s outrageous debts, a government-loving legislator is proposing a bill to force property owners in suburban and rural Illinois (who are also longsuffering) to pay. Their children do not reap the “benefits” of the Chicago public schools at all. See here.

The entire State of Illinois is in undeclared bankruptcy due to government overspending and regulation.

Property values inside the City are the HIGHEST IN THE ENTIRE MIDWEST, while those in rural and suburban Illinois are much lower. Per-capita incomes are also LOWER in many rural Illinois counties than in the City.

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