A scam collapsing before our eyes: Global warmists appear to have removed links to “data” which showed Greenland glaciers retreating

A few years back a guy named James Balog started “the Extreme Ice Survey.” He produced an award-winning video, “Chasing Ice,” which featured him cramponing around the glaciers of Greenland and Alaska with sad piano music in the background.

Balog’s theme was that he wanted to video and photograph the glaciers before they melted away.

At one time, the “Extreme Ice Survey” website had “data” locked behind a paywall, which a visitor could check out after paying by credit card.

But the website now seems to have no “data” tab. It now stresses the “art” behind its photographs, rather than its science.

Here is a report by Tony Heller about Greenland’s glaciers in 2017. THEY ARE GROWING, NOT RETREATING. (In fact, Greenland’s glaciers have been growing since 2013.)