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Jul 18

Socialism lowered life expectancy in Venezuela while capitalism raised life expectancy in Chile

Many government lovers condemn and criticize the rightist regime that took over Chile in the 1970s. Naomi Klein’s book “The Shock Doctrine” begins with a (mostly false) story that Chile’s Pinochet adopted free-market policies and followed the guidance of free-market economist Milton Friedman. But while Chile under Pinochet was hardly the free-market model its enemies …

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Jul 07

British “health” officials knowingly poisoned thousands with HIV-tainted blood

The British government imposes “single payer” slave-plantation “health care” (as many Americans claim to want). Brits are not allowed to purchase health care supplies on the open market. For years, British “health” officials knowingly supplied HIV-tainted blood products to victims . . .er, “patients,” of the National Health Service. See here. New documents revealed officials …

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Oct 20

Another U.S. Postal worker caught disposing of mail rather than delivering it

Many people believe the U.S. Postal Service monopoly is found in the Constitution. In fact, the Constitution merely says Congress has the power to establish a postal service. Not only is there no power to grant a postal monopoly in the Constitution, the OTHER provisions of the Constitution make it clear that Congress MAY NOT …

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Jul 12

More death and starvation while people stand in line in Venezuela

Just 20 years ago, Venezuela was a rising economic power with a dynamic economy and a growing business community. Today, after 15 years of socialism, Venezuelans spend much of their time standing in long lines waiting for soap, beans or other scraps. Sometimes the long lines transform into riots, and the people become looters. Robbers …

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Jun 01

American death rates rise for the first time in a decade

Free, capitalist societies invariably produce populations who live longer, healthier lives. Wherever markets have become freer, life expectancies have grown, and death rates have gradually decreased. For years, the only country on earth where life expectancy has declined was North Korea. Now the New York Times is reporting that the U.S. is experiencing a rise …

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May 18

Venezuelan socialism drove away 9,000 companies

Socialism is a curse that no one should wish for–unless one wishes it on a hated enemy. Any society that adopts socialism will inevitably become sick and weak over time. Venezuela went hard-line socialist in 2000. Sociology professors in the U.S. cheered the Latin American country on. But just 16 years later, Venezuelans are starving …

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May 12

Brazil Collapses under Socialism

Like Venezuela, Brazil has been on a government-growing binge. Government “workers” have been given increasingly favorable pension and payment packages. Many retire young and live as barons at taxpayer expense. See here. But the socialist trend of the past 15 years is now producing negative returns in Brazil. The economy is collapsing. See here. Now …

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May 09

Venezuela Continues Downward Spiral

There has never been a famine in a capitalist country; famines and massive die-offs from starvation only occur in socialist countries. Here is a detailed Bloomberg News Service report about the economic collapse of socialist Venezuela. “Catastrophe is the new normal.” Amazingly, Venezuela has THE WORLD’S LARGEST OIL RESERVES. Yet the country is plagued by …

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May 07

Government slave plantation health care generating more ‘group doctor visits’

Every government program designed to help poor people get health care produces the opposite effect: Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare all subsidize artificial demand, causing prices to rise. If government withdrew its evil tentacles from health care, medical prices would quickly adjust downward and quality would quickly adjust upward. Markets always win. Now the New York …

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May 03

Medical Industry Becomes More Dangerous as it Becomes More Regulated: Medical Errors are now Third Leading Cause of Death

Never before in world history has an industry fallen under so much regulation as the current U.S. Medical Industry, an industry gorged on government money. Yet medical mistakes are now the third leading cause of death in America. See here. Only heart disease and cancer claim more lives. Indeed, “medical errors” in hospitals and other …

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