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Apr 03

D.C. Daycare Operators Now Required to Have College Degrees

The District of Columbia has decreed that the directors of any licensed “Child Development Centers” — or day care — must have a “Bachelor of Arts (BA) in early childhood education or a BA with at least 15 semester credit hours in early childhood by Dec. 2022.” The regs also mandate that “teachers” possess at …

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Mar 07

Americans renouncing U.S. citizenship in record numbers due to taxes, overregulation

The United States was once the world’s flagship of freedom and capitalism. It produced more great inventions than any society that ever existed. But in recent years, America has become more government-controlled, taxed, and overregulated. During the past year, more Americans fled the U.S. and renounced U.S. citizenship than ever before. Almost all who fled …

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Jan 02

Washington, D.C.: Homeless numbers double amid highly-paid government households

Throughout the past 20 years, the salaries and benefits of government workers have increased substantially, even as the American people struggle to survive in trailer parks. Lawmakers at the federal, state and most local levels have been transforming government employees into kings and queens walking among peasants. In many locations, the largest mansions are owned …

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Jan 01

Retired government “workers” in one California town rake in two hundred thousand dollars annually amid peasants with average HOUSEHOLD incomes of $32,000

California is a place with bountiful treasures but a socialistic-style government. Voters trust government so much that they now have some of the highest taxes in the world. In one town, El Monte, the average HOUSEHOLD scrapes by on $32,000 annually while retired city government “workers” draw pensions as high as $200,000 annually. Such government …

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Nov 17

No more gleaming government temples

The voters spoke to Gallatin County and Bozeman officials on November 8. But officials apparently didn’t get the message. Read this astounding Bozeman Daly Chronicle story by Eric Dietrich. It seems the government officials are intending to renew their efforts to convince voters to approve their marble-and-gold temple of government power (“law and justice center”). …

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Aug 19

In Boston, every Uber customer must contribute a nickel to sustain dying government-monopoly taxi industry

The taxicab industry has been so overregulated for so long that it cannot survive any exposure to real-world, market forces. Many states grant monopoly jurisdictions to cab companies and control prices, fares, numbers of drivers, and numbers of cabs. Poor people who want to start a cab company are simply not allowed. In fact, many …

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Aug 13

Americans renouncing U.S. citizenship at a rate 15 times higher than in previous years

Government overregulation is forcing many Americans to flee the U.S. “There’s a lot of them who are tired of the hassle and headache and expense of complying with US tax rules,” says Reed. “Most of them are U.S. citizens who’ve lived abroad for a long-time.” See here. The U.S. government is also bullying foreign banks …

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Jul 29

U.S. businesses, suffering under regulation, are paying debts later and later

Shocking business news from the Associated Press. AP reports that PAYDEX, an index that tracks how much time small businesses take to pay their bills, shows businesses are paying debts later and later. Small businesses are increasingly paying bills 30 or 45 days late. A 2014 study by Georgia Tech found that companies are taking …

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Jun 21

6 per cent of America’s prime-age male population are ex-convicts

Financial Times recently reviewed the economic problems facing America’s lower-class males. Males of prime working age have abandoned work, as regulation and the criminal justice system have taken their tolls. See here. “Between 6 and 7 per cent of the prime-age male population was in prison at some point during their lives in 2008.”

Apr 26

Secretary of State Kerry–Part of an Administration that Lectures Americans Not to Squirrel Money away in Off-shore Accounts–Has hidden MILLIONS in Off-shore Accounts

President Obama frequently lashes out at U.S. companies that seek to escape America’s high tax burden by headquartering overseas. Last week, after the release of the “Panama Papers” which show that world leaders who impose high taxes on their own subjects are hiding their own riches in off-shore low- (or no-) tax accounts, Obama lashed …

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