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Aug 09

Vast Majority of Americans Dispute Government’s Claim that CO2-Caused Climate Change is “Settled”; Oppose Persecution of Doubters

Last Month the Democratic National Platform was changed to support government prosecution of those who doubt the government’s apocalyptic-global-warming-by-human-produced-carbon-dioxide theory. Now there is polling showing the VAST MAJORITY of voters–Republicans, Democrats and Independents–oppose such persecution. In fact, the VAST MAJORITY disagree that “the science is settled,” as government voices loudly decree. Only 25 percent of …

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Jan 06

Americans say government is their biggest problem again

Gallup has been asking people about the biggest threat to their lives and livelihoods every month for some time. For the past two years, a vast majority have said they view government as their greatest problem. See here. When Gallup asked Americans what troubles them most and is the chief threat to our way of …

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Dec 26

New Poll: Vast Majority of Americans view Big Government as their Greatest Threat

Gallup polling has just found that a supermajority of voters, 69 percent, view big government as the biggest threat in the future. Amazingly, even a majority of Democrats agree that big government is the greatest threat. Only a tiny extremist minority (25 percent) view big business as the greatest threat. See here.

Nov 23

More Than 1 In 4 Americans Believe Government Is The Enemy

Statistically, the average person in the world is more likely to be killed by his own government than by any foreign government, any terrorist, or any criminal. One’s own government is the greatest source of potential danger for the average person in the world. Now, one-quarter of all Americans appear to be acknowledging the growing …

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Oct 28

More Anti-Government Polling Data: Americans Prefer a Government Shutdown to Continuing Growth in Government Spending

Our masters in government never tire of reminding us that Congress must raise the debt ceiling and keep government growing. “Conservative” insiders say that voters will punish Republicans if Republicans in Congress ever challenge the President’s spending increases and “shut the government down.” But new polling shows–OVERWHELMINGLY–that a large majority of voters WOULD PREFER A …

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Oct 15

Gallup Poll: the Most Knowledgeable Americans Hold Government in Greatest Contempt

An interesting new poll by Gallup: those voters who have the most knowledge of current events and government policies have the greatest contempt for government. As the Libertarian Party writes: “The fundamental finding is that Americans who know the most about how Congress operates are not only the most negative about Congress in general, but …

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Oct 15

What do Americans Fear Above all other Things? Government Corruption

Our masters in government routinely propagandize us to surrender ever-more freedom and deliver ever-more power to government officials. But a new Chapman University poll shows Americans list “government corruption” as THEIR GREATEST FEAR. Fear of government corruption is ranked above “terrorism,” crime, financial insecurity, climate disaster and every other potential threat. See TIME Magazine story …

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Oct 09

Americans overwhelmingly want a LESS powerful government but are not getting it

Is libertarianism a fringe ideology, pushed by a tiny minority? Since 2002, Gallup has been asking Americans if they think the government is too powerful. Today, Gallup published its polling data for 2015. Fully SIXTY PERCENT now say the federal government has too much power. See here. The view that the current federal government has …

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Sep 24

31 percent of Americans say the government’s climate change claims are a “total hoax”

A new Bloomberg News Service poll finds that 31 percent of Americans view the government’s climate-change claims as a “total hoax.” See here. These figures suggest that the government will have an uphill battle rounding up, arresting or otherwise punishing such vast numbers. The government would need to build concentration camps for 100 million Americans.

Sep 21

More polling shows Americans distrustful of government

The average person in the world is at least 4 times more likely to be killed by his own government than by any foreign government, any criminal, or any terrorist. Statistically, one’s own government is always the greatest source of potential danger to one’s life. For years, Gallup has been asking the question: “Do you …

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