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Apr 20

Pro-government “news” sources continue to plummet in readership and impact

Facebook and other government-supported media forums are plummeting in readership. Here is a report indicating that some online publishers are losing impact from Facebook promotions. After Facebook launched its “fake news” elimination efforts two months ago (to aid the government in obscuring nongovernmental-approved content) readers have sought info from other sources. Matt Drudge’s influential “” …

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Jan 22

Only 6 % of Americans trust the news media

A survey by the American Press Institute shows that only 6 percent of Americans trust the major news outlets to provide them with fair and accurate news. See here. As the power of government has grown, more and more news outlets are secretly funded by government agencies to provide a steady stream of government-worshipping content.

Nov 15

Poll: vast majority do not trust “news” media

Astounding new poll out today. 7 in 10 (69%) voters do not believe the news media are honest and truthful. An overwhelming majority viewed recent political “mainstream” news media as biased in favor of Hillary Clinton. 59% believe the “mainstream” press was pushing Clinton. 21 % believe the media was pushing Trump. (Even 1/3 (32%) …

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Oct 12

Americans’ greatest fear: government

Our masters in government continuously tell us to trust the state and accept more government power and authority. The message is not getting out, however. Another poll shows that when Americans are asked about their greatest fears, THEY PUT GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION AT THE TOP. See here.

Sep 18

Fewer than one-third of Americans have any trust in the mass media

Gallup has been asking Americans how much they trust the news media since 1972. This trust has been declining slowly for years, as the media has increasingly supported intrusive, expansive government. Now fewer than one-third of Americans express any trust in the news media. See here.

Aug 09

Vast Majority of Americans Dispute Government’s Claim that CO2-Caused Climate Change is “Settled”; Oppose Persecution of Doubters

Last Month the Democratic National Platform was changed to support government prosecution of those who doubt the government’s apocalyptic-global-warming-by-human-produced-carbon-dioxide theory. Now there is polling showing the VAST MAJORITY of voters–Republicans, Democrats and Independents–oppose such persecution. In fact, the VAST MAJORITY disagree that “the science is settled,” as government voices loudly decree. Only 25 percent of …

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Jan 06

Americans say government is their biggest problem again

Gallup has been asking people about the biggest threat to their lives and livelihoods every month for some time. For the past two years, a vast majority have said they view government as their greatest problem. See here. When Gallup asked Americans what troubles them most and is the chief threat to our way of …

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Dec 26

New Poll: Vast Majority of Americans view Big Government as their Greatest Threat

Gallup polling has just found that a supermajority of voters, 69 percent, view big government as the biggest threat in the future. Amazingly, even a majority of Democrats agree that big government is the greatest threat. Only a tiny extremist minority (25 percent) view big business as the greatest threat. See here.

Nov 23

More Than 1 In 4 Americans Believe Government Is The Enemy

Statistically, the average person in the world is more likely to be killed by his own government than by any foreign government, any terrorist, or any criminal. One’s own government is the greatest source of potential danger for the average person in the world. Now, one-quarter of all Americans appear to be acknowledging the growing …

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Oct 28

More Anti-Government Polling Data: Americans Prefer a Government Shutdown to Continuing Growth in Government Spending

Our masters in government never tire of reminding us that Congress must raise the debt ceiling and keep government growing. “Conservative” insiders say that voters will punish Republicans if Republicans in Congress ever challenge the President’s spending increases and “shut the government down.” But new polling shows–OVERWHELMINGLY–that a large majority of voters WOULD PREFER A …

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