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Most voters want budget cuts, prefer temporary government shutdown to more debt.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 54% of U.S. voters would prefer a partial government shutdown until Democrats and Republicans can agree to either cut spending or keep it at its current level. These finding contradict the claims of the government classes that federal spending and debt limits must be …

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Vast majority of Americans now say government hurts them more than it helps them

A new poll shows that a majority of Americans feel that federal government actions over the past six months have hurt them. The Monmouth University poll, released on July 5, 2022, reveals that the number of Americans who are struggling financially has jumped by double digits in the past year. The poll, which was carried …

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Americans’ trust in news plummets to an all-time low

Americans’ confidence in newspapers and television news has plummeted to an all-time low, according to the latest annual Gallup survey of trust in U.S. institutions. A 2021 poll from Pew Research Center found that Republicans are far less likely to trust media sources that are considered “mainstream.” Details: Television news is today considered the second-least …

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More polling finds trust in pro-government media at all-time low

Antigovernment News reports that a new poll supports Gallup polling which shows Americans’ trust in “mainstream” (government supported and supporting) media is at an all-time low. New, Edelman survey finds just 46 percent of Americans trust traditional media. That’s the lowest number ever recorded in the 20 years that Edelman has obtained the data. A …

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Gallup poll shows American pride has fallen to record lows

U.S. government spending grew by record amounts in the past four months. President Trump set new records as history’s biggest spending politician. Governors throughout the United States dove to new levels of power–controlling the movements, housing, occupations, business lives, shopping choices, and spending of every non-government resident. For the first time in history, American governors …

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“Climate Change” is “the defining issue of our time” for only a tiny sliver of elites

The issue ranks second to last among Americans’ concerns. The crusade to empower governments to protect the planet from alleged imminent catastrophic manmade global warming is a movement only of wealthy elites, new polling confirms. This is despite hundreds of millions—no, billions—of dollars of spending aimed at convincing Americans to trust elites on this issue. …

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92 percent of Americans say their rights are under siege

A new Harris Poll released on Bill of Rights Day shows that 92 percent of Americans believe their rights are being threatened by government. “Americans are most concerned that their freedom of speech (48%), right to bear arms (47%) and right to equal justice (41%) are at risk.” See here. The “mainstream” media (government supporting …

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New poll reveals government employees are threat to free speech

A new Heartland/Rasmussen poll shows startling results: FORTY-TWO PERCENT of government employees support a ban on “speech by individuals that a majority of Americans believes to be offensive.” (Only 27 % of Americans generally support this.) Moreover, Of those government workers who said “offensive” speech should be banned, 62% said “those who violate such bans …

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Americans continue to cite government as their greatest problem

A new Gallup poll is out. As governments have grown increasingly large and powerful, Americans have cited government as the biggest problem in their lives for two consecutive years.

Democrats have almost never trusted media more; Republicans have almost never trusted media less

Major media institutions such as the New York Times, ABC, CBS and NBC have pushed a steady stream of pro-government and pro-socialist messaging in recent years. (And numerous investigations have found that these media institutions are often secretly government-funded.) Now a shocking new Gallup poll shows that just 13% of Americans say they trust the …

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