Never has a college degree been more worthless than today.

New Study finds employers are now LESS LIKELY to hire an employee with a college degree than they are to hire one without.

Newsweek. Dec. 19, 2023.

According to the Freedom Economy Index, an overwhelming 91 percent of the 70,000 small businesses they surveyed said colleges are not “graduating students with relevant skills that today’s business community needs.”

“Indeed, many employers now see a college degree as a negative rather than a positive.”

When the survey asked employers if they were “more or less likely to consider a job-seeker with a 4-year degree from a major university or college,” employers were four times more likely to answer in the negative (41 percent) than in the affirmative (10 percent), while an additional 42 percent said it made no difference. Amazingly, almost 20 times as many employers were said they were “strongly” less likely to hire the applicant with a college degree than “strongly” more likely.


When asked whether colleges are “fostering free speech and debate, thereby graduating students capable of debating ideas and using critical thinking,” a whopping 97 percent disagreed.

Companies such as Accenture, Bank of AmericaGoogle, IBM, and Walmart no longer require college degrees for hundreds of different positions. A report by the Burning Glass Institute last year predicted that “an additional 1.4 million jobs could open to workers without college degrees over the next five years.”

Meanwhile, 12 states no longer require a bachelor’s degree for most government jobs.

The rigid, extreme progovernment ideology pushed by government-supported universities is actually creating graduates with less value in the marketplace. See here.