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April 2015: Antarctic Sea Ice is at an ALL-TIME HIGH

We are alerted to breaking news (May 2015) that a new record high for antarctic sea ice has been set for the month of April. (Beating last year’s record high.) Ice is now ABOVE AVERAGE VIRTUALLY ALL AROUND THE CONTINENT. The data comes from the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).

“Adjusted” temperature record to be examined by a team of distinguished scientists

It has previously been reported in these pages that government agencies have been caught “adjusting” global temperatures upward in recent years and downward for past years to give a greater impression of recent global warming. Some “adjusting” may be warranted: thermometers and temperature measuring equipment have been moved, altered and improved in some cases. But …

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Another Prominent Voice Calls for Imprisonment of Climate-Change “Deniers”

As previously reported, a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology has openly argued that those who disagree with the government regarding catastrophic-manmade-CO2-driven-global-warming should be criminally prosecuted and imprisoned. Now another prominent manmade-climate-change alarmist is calling for prosecution and imprisonment of (what he calls) climate-change “denialists.” Adam Weinstein, former editor of MOTHER JONES and now …

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Pro-Government Extremists Calling For Government Takeover of Agriculture in Response to California Drought

Socialist writer Lindsay Abrams again trumpets central planning and government supremacy in a recent column. California’s long drought, Abrams writes, justifies a total government takeover of agriculture by the State of California, if not the U.S. government.: But then in the long term, the state has to rethink agriculture, basically. The problem is that that’s …

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