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Another Islamist ‘terror’ video with U.S. Intelligence Agency scripting surfaces

Occasionally, a whistleblower alerts the world to the clear scripting of ‘terror’ videos by the CIA or elements within western intelligence agencies. Here is a new video of an Islamist extremist Syrian rebel giving a statement. And you can hear his CIA director telling him to start the statement over!

Democratic convention crowd chants ‘no more war’ at former CIA director Leon Panetta

Both of America’s government-supremacist parties have been led by overt warmongers for decades. The recent release of previously secret emails between high-level Democrats reveals that the Democratic Party rigged the Democratic Primaries to install yet another warmonger (Hillary Clinton) as the Party’s presidential nominee. Also, at this week’s Democratic National Convention, the Democrats gave a …

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Turkey becomes a land of mass “treason” arrests and secret court hearings

Headlines blared last week regarding a supposed “coup” attempt to overthrow President Erdogan of Turkey. Whistleblowers have since come forward and provided evidence that Erdogan himself staged the alleged “coup” plot to make himself look better and make his impoverished subjects “rally around the flag.” Such staged, false-flag attacks are quite common in history. Now …

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Dallas Craigslist advertised for “crisis actors” 2 weeks before mass shooting

Numerous online sources are pointing to an ad posted on Dallas Craigslist seeking “crisis actors.” See, for example, here. Many deep-state experts have pointed to the use of “crisis actors” at such events as the Boston Marathon bombing and the Sandy Hook “massacre.” Crisis actors are paid to stay in character during events and make …

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More facts emerge regarding Orlando shooter: He was gay, controlling, cop wannabe

Not only was the Orlando shooter an apparent intelligence operative. He was a police academy graduate who was part of a gay community at the academy. He is known to have asked one other cadet out romantically. See here.

False Flag Red Flags Going Up: Turns Out the Orlando Mass Shooter was an Intelligence Asset

Move along. Nothing to see here . . . UPDATE: Infowars is reporting the shooter may have CIA connections.

Another ‘firefighter’ charged with setting fires he helped extinguish

Over the years, countless government firefighters have been found to have started the fires they ‘heroically’ help extinguish. Hundreds if not thousands of deadly arsons have been secretly set by government firefighters. This is true of home arsons as well as forest fires. It may even be that a sizeable percentage of all arsons are …

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Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland helped cover up Oklahoma bombing case 20 years ago

Merrick Garland, the man selected by President Obama to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court, helped the Justice Department conceal and cover up important evidence regarding the Oklahoma City bombing during the 1990s. William Grigg’s column is here. Twenty years ago, Garland was a Justice Department lawyer working to keep lawyers for …

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French March in Protest of ‘Permanent Emergency’ Police State

Governments love emergencies, terror and crises of all kinds. Consequently, governments have a stake in spreading fear and terror, and almost never benefit from peacefulness or tranquility. Many articles have documented suspicious links between recent French terrorist attackers and French intelligence. Were the French terror attacks of the past year “false flag” attacks? It is …

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Turkish prosecutors seek life sentences for journalists who offended Turkish president

Freedom of press is among the most precious of rights. Always in danger, especially from governments pushing “national security” rationales. Now two reporters whose reporting offended Turkish president Erdogan are in danger of being imprisoned for the rest of their lives. See here. Of course, the prosecutors are alleging the journalists “revealed state secrets.” Specifically, …

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