LA Times falsely claims “2020 California fires are the worst ever. Again.” But the 2020 fires aren’t even close to those of yesteryear..

In another climate hysteria propaganda piece masquerading as a news story, the LA Times proclaimed on Sept. 15 that the wildfires of 2020 are the largest in the state’s history.

“The last 10 years have shattered records. 2020 tops them all.” The Times article is filled with what seem to be authoritative graphs, data and charts. But much of the data is easily contested. For example, the Times‘ temperature history chart consists of adjusted temps rather than original temp measurements.

In reality, the 2020 wildfires aren’t even close to the biggest in history. Data analyst Tony Heller shows in this video that the fires of 2020 have burnt less than 1/3 the acreage of wildfires in the 1930s.

NASA satellite data–gathered for three decades–show that global wildfires are significantly fewer today than 25 years ago. And deaths and casualties from 2020 fires are way below those from yesteryear. And there is no correlation whatsoever between CO2 levels in the atmosphere and wildfires.