Climate doomsdayists present their claims as undeniable. Yet they can’t answer basic questions about their science claims.

Government promoters of catastrophic global warming by carbon dioxide claims promote their claims as settled and undeniable.

Yet when cross-examined or even pressed to explain their always-failing models and predictions, these promoters are often revealed as charlatans and showmen.

Here Australian congressman Malcolm Roberts asks basic questions of Senator Corman. Roberts asked Corman to explain why CSIRO (the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) relies on discredited scientific papers and unvalidated models as the basis for its advice to government on climate policy.

The Prime Minister’s representative answered in pompous generalities and glowing pronouncements that CSIRO’s climate claims were well proved.

According to Malcolm Roberts, “The CSIRO climate . . . position ultimately relies on unvalidated and erroneous computer models that are not suitable as a basis for policy. In implying, falsely, that they have confidence in the models yet have never assigned a quantitatively calculated confidence level, CSIRO has misled” the people of Australia.”